Put a ring on it

I know I haven’t posted anything here in a while and apparently, I need to do some maintenance. However, I had to post this.

If you had told me this time last year that I would be doing a surprise proposal in the midst of a pandemic, in the aftermath of racial unrest, I would have called you a damn dirty liar.

But it happened. Nicole and I met last year and it was as close as I have ever experienced to love at first sight.

Taken the first week we met

We have been together since last September, living together since March (mainly due to COVID issues) and on July 4, at one of my favorite places in Chicago, I got down on one knee and proposed.

She said “yes”

With the help of our family and friends, we were to completely pull the wool over her eyes and give her a proposal that she both deserved and wanted.

So stay tuned. It’s gonna be a great and lovely ride.

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