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The Essay Experience

As some of you know, I am a self professed writer.  It is one of the few things I truly believe that I am good at.  In this course, from time to time, I chose the written word to speak out on issues that I am concerned about or believe in.  One of these has been the plight of the Black Greek Lettered Organizations.  As a member of Alpha Phi Alpha since 1987, I have often spoken out on issues regarding our organizations in an effort to help aid in the healing and understanding of our organizations, and also, to help eradicate the misconceptions.

I have four essays in this area:

An Introduction to Black Greekdom

Pledging vs. Hazing: Can One Exist Without the Other

BGLO's, The Boule' & Masonry and other charges

Are BGLO's Compatible with Christianity?  

OJ Revisited: 10 Years Later

Other essays:

The Need for Ethical Leadership

What is A Love Movement?

What Kind of Christian Am I?

I am looking to add more essays in this area on different subjects.  I have a few thoughts wandering around in my head and as soon as I organize them, I'll post them here.  But for the moment, please select any of these essays and feel free to e-mail me with your comments by clicking the image below.  

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