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Theta Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha

The Thrillers of Manila..........

Alpha Phi Alpha's 2005 National College Chapter of the Year

(click here to visit the Official Web Site for Theta Chapter)

A Brief History of Alpha Phi Alpha --

The Granddaddy of Them All:


The Crest of Alpha Phi Alpha On December 4, 1906, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, was founded on the campus of Cornell University in Ithaca, New York. This was a significant beginning, due to the fact that at the turn of the century, there was not much available in terms of support for black students at an Ivy League University. Alpha Phi Alpha was begun to create a sense of fellowship and support for students of African descent.

The beginnings of this fraternity are deep and involved, but it did not happen as a whim. With the creation of the Niagara Movement (which would later become the NAACP) and Sigma Pi Phi, and the rising popularity of the Masonic organizations, it was viewed as necessary for black college men (and women) to come together and create a means of support for other black students. The seven men who founded Alpha Phi Alpha (also known as the Seven Jewels) were visionary in their attempt to create an organization that would support all mankind.

These seven men are: Montage of the Sevel Jewels

Henry Arthur Callis

Charles Henry Chapman

Eugene Kinkle Jones

George Biddle Kelley

Nathaniel Allison Murray

Robert Harold Ogle

Vertner Woodson Tandy

After the founding, Alpha Phi Alpha went on to make great strides. It is not being boastful to say that Alpha either directly or indirectly had a hand in the creation of all of the black greek organizations that came after it. And instead of viewing the other organizations as competition, Alpha Phi Alpha and the Jewels welcomed the creation of new fraternities and sororities. Often letters were sent in congratulations, or our assistance was offered whenever the brothers of Alpha thought they could be of service.

In the ensuing years, Alpha Phi Alpha grew from a local chapter on the campus of Cornell University, to having more than 100,000 members, in over 400 chapters in almost every corner of the world.

Among the distinguished gentlemen that have joined our illustrious fraternity are (just to name a few):

Martin Luther King, Jr., Civil Rights Leader

Andrew Young, former mayor of Atlanta

Jesse Owens, Olympic Gold Medalist

Edward "Duke" Ellington, Jazz Pioneer

Whitney M. Young, Jr., Civil Rights Activist

Adam Clayton Powell, former Congressman and Civil Right Leader

Eugene Sawyer, former mayor of Chicago

Alpha Phi Alpha has a long history of providing service to the community. Our motto, First of All, Servants of All, We Shall Transcend All is not just a catchy phrase, but it is the way all Alpha Men strive to live their lives. The commitment of Alpha to strengthen the community around them is evident in the numerous scholarships that are awarded each year, the mentoring of young men, the voting, blood, clothing and food drives, and their constant presence in the day to day activities of Black America, Alpha Phi Alpha has not only upheld their motto, but often, surpassed it.

Alpha Phi Alpha -- Around the World

A Brief History of Theta Chapter -- The Eighth Wonder:

The Place Where I Was Made An Alpha
The Chicago Alpha House. 4432 South Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Drive, Chicago, Illinois

Theta Chapter was founded as the eighth chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha on February 21, 1910. For the exception of the first seven chapters of Alpha and the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Alpha Chapter at Howard University, Theta predates all other greek chapters and greek organizations.

Theta Chapter began as a statewide chapter, originally encompassing the University of Chicago, the University of Illinois and Northwestern University. Since then, Theta is considered the "City or Metropolitan Chapter" of Chicago, comprised primarily of the University of Chicago, University of Illinois at Chicago, and Loyola University.

The story of Theta's founding began when 2nd General President, Roscoe C. Giles received a letter on November 28, 1909, from Charles C. Middleton secretary of Epsilon Chapter (Univ. of Michigan) stating that an application had been received by his chapter for the establishment of a Univ. of Illinois-Chicago charter to "draw their members from all schools in Chicago."   A recommendation was made and Alpha chapter approved the application on December 4, 1909.  It was not until the 2nd Annual convention at Richmond, VA (December 27-29, 1909) that the application was officially approved.  

On February 13, 1910, Brother William M. Thorne (V-P of Alpha, 1910) wrote to Bro. Pres. Giles requesting authority to send Bro. George Ellison of Epsilon to form Theta in Chicago.   On February 21, 1910, Theta Chapter was established. 

It was during this time that the fraternity realized it needed to establish a general organization apart from individual chapters.  During the 3rd Annual convention at Philadelphia, PA (December 29-31, 1910), the colors of black and old gold were officially adopted.   Theta itself was committed to this realization and participated by sending delegates to the 4th Annual Convention at Ann Arbor, MI (December 27-30, 1911) at the seat of Epsilon Chapter.  Brothers Towles and Boger represented the chapter during the meetings.  It is interesting to note during this convention that a committee for the official design of a shield be created.  Another committee that was established "whose duty it shall be to do research work, especially as to the relation of the Ethiopian of ancient times to the black race of modern times." (Wesley, 75).   As of 1911, Theta chapter had 8 active brothers and 4 alumni.  And as 1913 rolled around, Theta boasted 16 active brothers and 10 alumni. 

In 1914, Theta chapter was host to the 7th Annual convention.  On December 29, 1914, the brotherhood assembled in Chicago.  The welcome address was given by Bro. W.E. Burton of Theta.  A chapter report was given by Bro. McBeth.  It was during this convention that Jewel Brother Henry Arthur Callis was elected General President of Alpha.  This was the 1st and only time in Alpha's history where a founder served as General President.  At the convention, an investigation was undertaken for the "employment of an executive sectary and the establishment of permanent headquarters." (Wesley, 100).  During the 8th Annual Convention, Pittsburg, PA (Dec. 27-29, 1915), Charles H. Garvin was appointed historian and began to gather the material for a history.  A chapter historical survey was distributed via the Sphinx.

It should be noted that Theta was the first black greek organization to purchase a fraternity house in Chicago, when a fraternity house at 4104 S. Vincennes Avenue was purchased by the chapter in February of 1919.  Later, in April of 1936, the Alpha House would be moved to 4432 S. Parkway Drive, later renamed 4432 S. Martin Luther King, Jr. Dr, which also served as the National Headquarters for the fraternity until it's unfortunate and unnecessary demolition in 1989.

Theta Chapter was founded by the following brothers:

Brother Dr. Thomas Abraham Boger

Brother Dr. Alexander Cecil Browne

Brother Dr. Arvelle Cole

Brother Dr. Samuel Lecount Cook

Brother Dr. Gordon Henry Jackson

Brother Dr. Henry Howard Towles

Not to be outdone, Theta Chapter has consistently upheld the goals and ideas of Alpha Phi Alpha. In it's almost 100 year history, Theta has always been a driving force in the lives of not only the college students, but the general black community of Chicago as well. Community service is only a part of the strength of Theta, as academic excellence is demanded of it's members as well.

Theta Chapter can boast of prominent members as well, including:

William L. Dawson (1913), U.S. Congressman from Illinois (1943-1970), first black chairman of a Congressional committee (Committee on Expenditures in Executive Departments)

John H. Johnson (1938), founder of Johnson Publishing Co., (Ebony, Jet and EM Magazine)

Dr. Bernard Levin (1946), first non-African American to join a BGLO.

Dr. William Lester, Jr. (1954), professor of Chemistry at University of California - Berkeley and participant in the Hubble Telescope project

Paul King (1957), founder of UBM Construction (the first minority contracting firm in the city of Chicago and also the first to receive contracts from the city)

Thomas Burrell (1958), founder of Burrell Advertising, (one of the largest black advertising firms in America)

Despite being a heavily decorated chapter by both the fraternity and the community, Theta Chapter has never rested on it's laurels. Always striving to keep up the self-appointed nickname of The Eighth Wonder, Theta Chapter is prepared to move and move with the fraternity into the 21st Century.

Nights over Egypt

Special thanks to all the Brothers who have contributed to this page with the names and dates of the brothers and lines on this page! Feel free to send in any corrections or additions!

Brother Bernard Levin (Theta, 46) at Alpha Dance, Circa 1946/47.  Thanks to Bro. Skip Mason for this picture!

Brothers Ronald Jenkins, Phillip Pendelton, Nate Hawthorne and Willis Christian, Chicago, 1977 (approx)

The Brothers of Theta Chapter, in the living room of the Chicago Alpha House, 4432 S. King Drive, Chicago, Il., 1978

L to R:  Chris Lawrence (Theta '84), Keith Wright (Theta '87), Kevin Baskins (Theta '86), Chuck Smoot (Theta '87), Dwayne Lewis (Gamma Rho '85), Almquist Holmes (Theta '84), Keith Griffith (Theta '86)

University of Illinois at Chicago

Fall, 1987

Theta Brothers, 1998

The Brothers of Theta Chapter, on the steps of the Chicago Alpha House. Summer, 1988

Behind Left - Chuck Smoot (Theta '87)

Front--  Jonathan Kuykindoll (Theta '88) and  Willie Morrisette (Theta '88),

Behind Right -- Martin Champion (Theta '88)

University of Illinois at Chicago

Fall, 1988

(Thanks to the brothers of Kappa Alpha Psi, Kappa Phi Chapter, for this pic)

Steven Richardson (Theta '88), Vince Green (Theta '88) and Martin Champion (Theta '88)

University of Illinois at Chicago

Fall, 1988

(Thanks to the brothers of Kappa Alpha Psi, Kappa Phi Chapter, for this pic)

 Brothers get together to celebrate Theta's 89th Anniversary,

Left to right:  Sonny Kierulf (Theta, 89); Garland Lucas (90); Lee Jackson (Theta, 92); Jay Bennett, (Theta, 89); Oscar Griffin, (Theta, 98); Kemper Powell, (Theta, 93); Chuck Smoot, (Theta, 87); Denarrard Gipson, (Theta, 89); Rod Sims (Theta, 91).

Houston's Restaurant, Chicago.

 Sunday February 21, 1999,  

S.S.S.W.O.T.D. Neophyte,

University of Illinois at Chicago,

Chicago, Illinois

April 15, 2003

Brothers Reginald Cantave (Theta '04), Chuck Smoot (Theta '87) and Darryl Francis (Theta '84)

Theta Chapter 95th Anniversary Celebration

Chicago, IL

February 26, 2005

S.S.T.G.O.T.K., Reginald Montgomery, Reginald Cantave

Summer, 2005

S.S.D.B.D, Ian Bailey, Ian Bailey, Ademola Palmer, Reginald Spears, Alden Only

Fall, 2005

Members of S.S.S.I.R.O.D., Chuck Smoot, Chuck Jackson, Tim Jackson, Mark Brown,

Chicago, IL

 July, 2006

Members of S.S.F.M.O.P., Kevin Johnson, Greg Chapman, Nachee Miller,

Alpha Phi Alpha Centennial Convention,

Washington, D.C.,

July, 2006

Brandon Wright (Theta '06) and Chidi Osuji (Theta '04)

 Theta Chapter Probate Show,

University of Illinois at Chicago

November, 2006

Bro. Ellsner Marchbanks (Theta '53) and Bro. Herman "Skip" Mason,

Xi Lambda Chapter Labor Day Breakfast,

Chicago, IL

September, 2007

Bro. Akibu Rease (Theta '04) and Bro. Herman "Skip Mason",

Xi Lambda Chapter Labor Day Breakfast

Chicago, IL,

 September, 2007

The First Family of Theta

Back Row, L to R: Damien Murray ('02), Ademola Palmer ('05), Stephen Vaughn ('99), Reginald Cantave ('04), Chuck Smoot ('87), Kevin Johnson ('85), Victor Lewis ('84)

Front:  Pedro Corniel ('07)

First Family Gathering, Chicago, IL

November, 2007

The Brothers of Theta Chapter

Theta Spring 2008 Initiation

Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., Xi Lambda Chapter Facility

Chicago, IL

April 26, 2008



The following is a list of the men who were initiated into Theta Chapter, with as much information regarding these lines and ships as possible.  Let this page serve as a testament to the enduring spirit and legacy of the 8th Wonder of Alpha Phi Alpha, Greater Theta Chapter!!


"Once Theta, Always Theta!"



The Brothers of Greater Theta Chapter are:

(going back as far as we can -- to add line or correct information, please e-mail Chuck Smoot):

Click Here for the Theta Chapter Wall of Fame

S.S. Two Unlawful Facilitators of Fortitude, November 21, 2020  Dean and President - Tommy Barrow, Jr.
Tyrell Grimmage (Captain)**, Phillip Arrington IV (Anchor)**

S.S. Three Proper Noblemen of Premeditated Revenge, March 2, 2019  Dean - Jason Watson; President - Dwayne Wooten
Demetrius Johnson, Jr. (Captain), Tommy Barrow, Jr. (Deuce/Quas)**, Larnell D. Brown (Anchor)**

S.S. 10 DePhiant Executors of Endless Pursuit, March 17, 2018  Dean - Dwayne Wooten; President - Nicholas Barnes
Robert Hatch IV(Captain), Brendan Epton (Deuce)**, James McCord (Navigator), Rodney Johnson (Quas)**, Julian Morrison (Charleston Blue), Antonio Gonzalez (06),
Ja'Waun Williams (Jewel), Drew Newell-Sansom (8th Wonder), Quintin Griffith (Rock), Marlon Vargas (Anchor)

S.S. Four Revengeful Guardians of Immaculate Dedication, March 4, 2017  Dean - Anthony Jackson; President - Marcus White
Dwayne Wooten (Captain), Nicholas Barnes (Deuce)**, Keyth Dickerson II (Quas), Kendall Hunter (Anchor)

S.S. All In One, April 2, 2016.  Dean - Marcus White; President - Anthony Jackson
Ontonio Jackson-Lucas (Captain and Anchor)

S.S. Three Lethal Masterminds of Malicious Heritage, April 11, 2015.  Dean - Anthony Jackson; President - Garrison Jones
Marcus White (Captain)**, LeShawn Anderson (Quas), Jason Watson (Anchor) 

S.S. Three Honorable Conquerors of the Onslaught, April 5, 2014.  Dean - Desmond Jones; President - Garrison Jones
Lionel Keys (Captain), Elbert Dockery (Deuce), Anthony Jackson (Anchor) 

S.S. Arbiter of Arcane Ancestry, April 7, 2012.Dean - Raymond Thomas; President - Desmond Jones
Garrison Jones (Captain and Anchor)**

S.S. Four Revolutionary Thoroughbreds of Resurrection, April 16th 2011.  Dean - Richard S. Nettles  President - Corey White
Desmond Jones (Captain)**, Raymond Thomas (Deuce), Jeremy James (Quas), Phillip Tunde Adeleye (Anchor)

S.S. Two Maniacal Martyrs of Axum, S.O.S., November 9, 2009.  Dean - Brandon Wright; President - Jared White
Maurice Dawson (Captain)**, Devyn Cullers (Anchor)
S.S. Two Destined Disciples of Death, April 4, 2009.  Dean - Reginald Spears; President - Jarren Baldwin
David R. Lobbins (Captain), Richard Seong-Hee Nettles (Anchor)
S.S. Eight Brutal Barbarians of Babylon, April 26, 2008: Dean - Ademola Palmer; President - Brandon Wright
Jarren Baldwin (Captain), Corey White (Deuce)**, Donte Prisby, Jonathan Currie (Quas), James McKinney (Charleston Blue), 
Emmanuel Kofi Bansa, Stanley Williams (Jewel), Jared White (Anchor)
S.S. Five Pharaohs of Chaotic Conviction, November 3, 2007/April 26, 2008: Dean: Alden Only; President: Akibu Rease 

Michael Ladipo (Captain), Pedro Corniel (Deuce)**, Gilbert Lee Edwards, Taqi Salaam (Quas), Keenan Allen (Anchor)
S.S. When The Smoke Clears, November 12, 2006: Dean -- Chidi Osuji; President - Ademola Palmer

Brandon Wright (Captain and Anchor)

S.S. Death B4 Dishonor, November 13, 2005: Dean - Boyede Sobitan; President - Ashare Kingston


Ian Bailey (Captain), Ademola Palmer (Deuce)**, Reginald Spears (Quas), Alden Only (Anchor)


S.S. Two Gladiators of Deceptive Mastery, April 10, 2005:  Dean - Michael Kelly Childers; President - Ambrose Jackson


Ashare Kingston (Captain), Akibu Rease (Anchor)

S.S. Three Guerillas of The Knight, April 11, 2004: Dean - Jason Reed; President - Michael Kelly Childers

Reginald Montgomery (Captain), Reginald Cantave (Quas)**, Chidi Osuji (Anchor)

S.S. Seven Warlords of Tyrannic Destruction, April 13, 2003: Dean - Stephen Vaughn; President - Nicholas Crite

Charles Jean-Pierre (Captain), Jamar Habtemariam**, Ambrose Jackson (Deuce), Boyede Sobitan (Quas), Chris Williams, Vladimir Ladoucceur (Charleston Blue), Jason Malone (Anchor) 

S.S. Three Knights of Molten Ice, April 14, 2002: Dean - Rashaan Davis; President - Dantley Tillman

Damien Murray (Captain)**, Michael Kelly Childers (Quas), Jason Reed (Anchor)

S.S. Two Irrefutable Prophets of Hades, April 21, 2001:  Dean - Nicholas Crite; President - Stephen Vaughn

David K. Matthews (Captain), Dantley J. Tillman (Anchor)

S.S. Four Sovereign Warriors of Abyss, November 27, 1999:  Dean - Denarrard Gipson; President - Oscar Griffin

Nicolas Crite (Captain), RaShaan Davis (Deuce), Jioha Amatokwu (Quas), Stephen Vaughn (Anchor)**

S.S. Survivor of Armageddon, HFF. November 22, 1998: Dean -- Denarrard Gipson

Oscar Griffin

S.S. Face of Death. September 16, 1995: Dean and President - Lee Jackson

Sheldon Fletcher (Captain and Anchor)

S.S. Three Sinister Souls of Survival. March 5, 1994: Dean - Dean Archer; President - Roddric Sims

Mike Washington (Captain), Hilton S. Garrett (Deuce)**, DonTai Crump (Quas/Anchor)

S.S. All By My Dammie. August 7, 1993: Dean - Marvin Richards; President - Simon "Sonny" Kierulf

Kemper O. Powell (Captain, Quas, and Anchor)

S.S. Three Terrors From The Darkside. August 8, 1992: Dean and President - Marc McConney

LaNail Griffin (Captain), Pete Kierulf (Quas), Lee Jackson (Anchor)**

S.S. And Then There Was One,  August 10, 1991: Dean - Steven Richardson and Marc McConney; President - Jay Bennett

Terrance Kemp (Captain and Anchor)

S.S. Five Saviors of Tradition. August 3, 1991: Dean - Steven Richardson; President - Jay Bennett

Roddric Sims (Captain), Marvin Richards (Deuce), Kermit McAbee (Quas), James McCord, Dean Archer (Anchor)

S.S. Fourteen Regulators of Chaotic Deception. May 13, 1989: Dean - Tyrone McGlown; President - Charles Smoot

Andre Knight (Captain), Dale Fagan (Deuce), Teshome Hebert, D.E.K.**, Curtis Jackson (Charleston Blue), Simon "Sonny" Kierulf, Marc McConney (Jewel), Jerome Green (Quas), Denarrard Gipson, David "Topper" Scott, Jay Bennett, Amir Bashara [James Bogan], Steven Johnson, Tracy Hudson (Anchor)

S.S. Untouchable Eight. May 14, 1988: Dean - Brian Hall; President - Kevin Johnson

Brian Allen (Captain), Jonathan Kuykindoll (Deuce), Willie Morrisette (Tre'), Samuel Mendenhall (Quas), Martin Champion (Charleston Blue), Morris Robinson, Jr., Vincent Green (Jewel), Steven Richardson (Anchor)

S.S. Six Invincible Rebels of Destruction. May 16, 1987: Dean - Jody McMillan; President - Darryl Francis

Mark Brown (Captain), Chuck Smoot (Deuce), Keith Wright, Chuck Jackson, (Quas), Alan Washington (Charleston Blue), Timothy Jackson (Anchor)

S.S. Eleven Lords of the Apocalypse. May 17, 1986: Dean - Randy Bacon; President - Timothy Bliey

Richard Franck (Captain), Ray Thompson (Deuce), Clifford Francois (Tre), Walter Duvall, Bryant Johnson (Charleston Blue), Kevin Baskins (Quas), Donnis Roberts (Jewel), Reginald Echols II (8th Wonder), Sterling Gunn, Tyrone McGlown, Keith Griffith (Anchor)

S.S. Four Masters of Provocation. May 11, 1985: Dean - Eric Williams; President - Ken Daniels

Gregory Chapman (Captain), Kevin Johnson (Deuce)**, Steven Holman (Quas), Nachee [Sprawls] Miller (Anchor)

S.S. Thirteen Deadly Assassins. May 26, 1984: Dean - Tyrone Pope; President - Eric Williams

Jeffrey Newton (Captain), David Martin (Deuce), Randy Bacon (Tre), Charles "Chris" Lawrence, Jody McMillan (Charleston Blue), Brian Hall (Quas), James Rainer (Jewel), Timothy Bliey (8th Wonder), Darryl Francis, Barris Sims, Almquist Holmes, Victor Lewis**, Cornelius Watkins (Anchor)

S.S. Scandalous Eight, May 27, 1983: Dean - Marcus Stokes; President - Anthony Irvin

Ernest Price (Captain), David Saunders (Deuce), Terrel Calhoun, Bradley McBride (Quas), Timothy Densmore (Charleston Blue), Ronald Burton, Norman Bennett (Jewel), Greg Faulkner (Anchor)

S.S. Sadistic Six, June 18, 1982: Dean - Keith Hill; President - Earl Williams

Appolon Beaudoin (Captain), Richard Morgan (Deuce), Bruce Tolbert (Quas), Peron Kindred, Tyrone Pope (Charleston Blue), Ken Hunter (Anchor)**

S.S. Ten Turbulent Titans, April 11, 1981: Dean - Mark Redd; President - Earl Williams

Robert Davis (Captain), Paul Scruggs (Deuce), Darryl McCoy, Dwayne Brinson**, David Moody (Quas), Rick Pierce, Tyrone Webb (Jewel), Ron Culver (8th Wonder), Daren Dandridge, Lloyd McKinney (Anchor)

S.S. Nine Nocturnal Nomads, September 1, 1980: Dean - Earl Williams; President - Anthony Mosely

Darrick Hill (Captain), Darryl McCloud (Deuce), Eric Williams, Darren Sharpe, George Jackson, III (Quas), Reginald Randolph, Howard Crawford (Jewel), Robert Brothers, Oscar Garrett, Jr. (Anchor)**

S.S. Mid-Night Express - Phase Four, February 28, 1980: Dean - Brian Jackson**; President - Anthony Mosley

Keith Hill (Captain), Anthony Irvin (Deuce), Marcus Stokes (Quas), Arthur Anderson (Anchor)

S.S. Seven Sons of Souls, April 7, 1979: Dean - Greg Bragg; President - Anthony Mosley

Clarence Brady (Captain), Douglas Jones, Russell Austin (Deuce)**, Earl Williams (Quas), Allen Brown, Benny Gladden, Richard "Terry" Brown (Anchor)

S.S. Night Flight Phoenix, July 15, 1978: Dean - Ezra Hemphill; President unavailable

Arthur Coates (Captain), Mark Redd (Anchor)

S.S. Triple Threat, January 13, 1978: Dean - Gregory Bragg; President unavailable

David Shipley (Captain), Willie Owens (Deuce/Quas), Anthony Mosley (Anchor)

S.S. Right on Time, August 20, 1977: Dean - David Harper; President - Larry Rogers

Henry O'Neal (Captain), Earl Bell (Deuce), Greg Bragg (Quas), Willis Shannon (Anchor)

S.S. One and Only, March 12, 1977: Dean and President unavailable 

Marvin Golden (Captain, Quas and Anchor)

S.S. Death Watch Six, July 4, 1976: Dean - John O. Lewis, Jr.;  President unavailable

Phillip Pendelton (Captain), Willis Christian (Deuce), Maurice Madin, Blandon Dwyer, David Harper (Quas), Taylor Polce (Anchor)

"The Eight", June 21, 1975: Dean - Carey Wright; President - Phillip Pendelton

Sherman Willis (Captain), Gregory Jones (Deuce), Raymond Wherry, Norman King, Lonnie Blakeney (Quas), Ezra Hemphill (Bull), Norwood King, Ronald Jenkins (Anchor)

U.S.S. Crip Ship Six, August 24, 1974: Dean - Ron Wilson; President unavailable

Larry W. Rogers (Captain), Donald Hamuel (Deuce), John Lilliebridge, William Cathing, Al Adams (Quas), Donald Mosley (Anchor)

S.S. Terrible Six, May 3, 1974 Dean - Willie Jones; President unavailable

Robert L. Branch, John O. Lewis, Jr., O'Dell E. Davis, Ralph E. Patterson, Kenneth Byrd, George Jones

June 25, 1973 Dean and President unavailable

Jodie Easley (Captain), Donald Minefee (Deuce), Kenneth Robinson, Michael Walthall, Carey Wright (Anchor)

The Mean 16, May 27, 1972 Dean and President unavailable

Sterling Lockhart (Captain), Lee Richardson (Deuce), Ronald Wilson, Len Rodgers, Lavonne Haywood, Terry Carroll, Walter Perkins, Alfred Mays, Leroi Catlin, Billy Wayne Hayes, Joe Crumbly, George Gregory, Kenny Abernathy, Irving Joseph, Ronald Harris, Crable Ivy (Anchor)

The Good Ship Noah Ark, September 10, 1971: Dean - Hector Outten; President unavailable

Ranoule "Flash" Tatum (Captain), Ernest Hutchinson, Jr. (Deuce), Charles Woodhouse, Melvin Nicholes, Willie Jones, Lamart Miller (Quas), Edward Ware, Mark Webb, Demarco Brewer, Michael Matthews, Rod Adams, Thomas Kline, John Upchurch,  Kenny Williams, Nolan Humphrey, Andrew Denton, Robert Johnson, Riley Davis, Eddie Robinson, Titus Garnet, Sammie Harris, James Davis, David Lee, Lavane Williams, Chester Dickerson, Curtis Miller (Anchor)

6 The Hard Way, January 28, 1971  Dean and President unavailable

Donald Murphy (Captain), Alfred Barrows (Deuce), Kenneth Swope, Raymond Mills, Charles Baylock, Charles Levy (Anchor)

The Strong Seven, July 3, 1970:  Dean - Charles Ware; President - Joseph Arrington

Larry Lewis (Captain), Preston Garnett (Deuce), James Brakie, Ronald Tims, Bob Brown, Sylvester Gould, Larry Alexander (Anchor)

M.F. Funky Four, June 20, 1970:  Dean - Randy Twilley; President - Joseph Arrington

Arnie C. Travis, III (Captain), Ronald Willis Parker,  Robert Everett Weems, and Melvin LeRoy Funchess (Anchor)

November 29, 1969: Dean - Fred Waters; President - Joseph Arrington

Ronald Warrior (Captain), Hector Outen (Deuce), Will Moorehead, Willie Thurston, Mezell Williams (Quas), Vernal Taylor, Randy Twilley, Kamal Rasheed, Obie Creed (Anchor)

September 6, 1968: Deans - Oliver Slaughter & Tillman Terry; President -- Edward Jones

 John Blackburn, Chuck Parrish, Ray McClinton, Karl Brown, William Carlos Brown, Willie Heyward, John Kelly, Allen W. Knox, Mario Vanzandt, Marvin Bragg, Gerald Banks, Ernest Jackson, Charles Ware, Bruce Ware, Booker Flowers, Robert Anderson, Charles Woodridge, James Cunningham, Robert "Takei" Taylor

*April, 1968: Specific date, Dean and President unavailable

Melvin Thomas, Jr., Jasper Williams

*September, 1967: Specific date, Dean and President unavailable

Lawrence Poole, Robert Tisdale, Richard Winn

*February, 1967: Specific date, Dean and President unavailable

Tillman Terry, Clyde Thompson, Oliver Slaughter

*September 16, 1966: Dean - William Thurston; President - Ed Wimp

Eddie L. Knox, Edward Jones, Raymond Aikins, Clarence Birch, Nate Simpson, Wiley Jackson, Lawrence Goosby, Ronald Dunlap

May 21, 1966: Dean - Richard Kerr/Richard Hooper, Sr., President Unavailable 

Marcus Johnson, Robert C. King, Dr. Carl McCoy, Bill Rodney, Dr. Fred Waters, Robert Watson


October, 1965: The Mighty Midgets: Dean - James Coleman, President - Richard Hooper, Sr.


Arthur Oates, Lynn Fields, William Paris, Edward Lindsey, Morris Robinson, Sr. (Anchor)


September, 1964: Specific date unavailable, Dean - Ronald Salter and President Unavailable

Gessel Berry, Jr., James L Coleman, William Foster, Carl Glenn, Steve Newton, Leo Welker, William Thurston


Oct 19, 1963: Dean - Jesse Qualls and President Unavailable

Ronald Glenn, Leon Hendricks, Scott Pollard


1963: Specific date, Dean and President Unavailable

Richard Kerr, Eugene Varnado, Ather Williams, Billy McGill


April 27, 1963: Dean - Stephen L. Carter, President Unavailable

Robert Harris, Jr., Richard Hooper, Sr., John Randall, Claude M Wilson


August, 1962: Specific date, Dean and President Unavailable

Joseph Davis, Julian A Valentine


April, 1962: Specific date, Dean - Jesse Qualls, President Unavailable

Ronald Salter, William Douglas

16 Swinging Men, June 24, 1961: Dean - Charles Browning; President - Thomas Burrell

David R. Twine III, Anthony Lyke, Ernie Moon, Terrence Mason, Ernie Thompson, John Worthy Sr., Emerson Stewart, Ronald Haskell, Morris Conners, Stephan Johnson, Vernon Mims, Leighton Jackson, James Futrell, Richard W. Lawson, Arthur Hirams, Myron Nash


December 17, 1960: Deans -- Kenneth Groggs and Odell Hicks Jr.;  President unavailable 

Anthony L Browne, Johnnie Daniel, Claude J Davis, Andre Dunigan, William W Floyd, Alvin M Foreman, Bill Harlan, Clinton Harrell, Lawrence A Holloway, Michael P Johnson, Sr., Nathan Kirkwood, Jr., LaMont Mims, Richard J Morgan, Roosevelt Powell, Glen L Walker

July 30, 1960: Dean - Odell Hicks, Jr.; President unavailable

Gordon Austin, Raymond M Broady, Stephen L Carter, Sr., Lawrence E Head, Prince Asiel Ben Israel [Warren Brown], Robert L Jones, Clarence N Sanders, John L Varnado


March 11, 1960: Dean -  Nathaniel Whitmal; President unavailable

Jesse Qualls, Charles Merle Reed

1959: Specific date, dean and president unavilable


Charles Browning, Conrad Cross, Thomas S Jackson, Bennett Stewart, Michael Taylor, Ronald Thomas, William T Wallace, John Watson, Eugene Wilson


December 19, 1958: Dean - Milton Johnson, President unavilable

Eddie Benson, Thomas J. Burrell, Isaiah Curry, Jr., Bernie Gresham, Jr., Ronald J McBride


1958:  Specific date, dean and president unavilable

Norman Barber, Robert Catlin, Herbert Martin, Earl Sanders


November 25, 1957: Dean -- Milton Johnson, President unavailable

Donald Anderson, Lee Roy Black, John R Bolden, Joseph Chisholm, Paul J King, Jr., John E DeVine, Jr., Barefield Gordon, Odell Hicks, Jr., Williams Jones, Bernard Cross, Kenneth Pennington, Earl Washington, Nathaniel Whitmal

May 17, 1957: Dean and President unavailable

Floyd E Carroll, Sr., John Crawford, Clifton Smith, Jesse Williams


1956: Specific date unavailable, Dean -- John Washington, President unavailable

Nate Grant, Langston Fulton

March 31, 1956: Dean and President unavailable

Ralph Baker, Milton Johnson, Lawrence Shaw


Dec 10, 1955: Dean and President unavailable

Douglas Black, Vernon Bowie, James Brooks, George Cole , Scott Tyler, John Washington, Ronald G Warren, Paul I Wilson


Oct 22, 1955: Dean and President unavailable

Milton J Blake, Thomas Smith


March 5, 1955: Dean and President unavailable

Joe William Black, Sidney Clark , Julius De Nye, Bertrand W Ellis, Argentria Harden, John Ingram, William H Overby, William Shack, Edmond Steele , William Weathers


October 2, 1954: Dean -- Anderson Thompson, President unavailable

Charles E. “Chuck” Donegan, Robert A. “Bob” Porche, William A. Lester, Jr., Donald F. Husband, John Prowell

Dec 22, 1953: Dean -- Anderson Thompson, Asst. Dean Orin Hatch, President unavailable

Clark Burris , Clarence Johnson, Harold Johnson, "Icky" Thompson, Ellsner F Marchbanks, Jr, Harrison Tyler

* June 20, 1953:  Dean and President unavailable


Charles A. Davis


* April, 1952: Specific date, Dean and President unavailable


Frederick D. Johnson, David Jones


* November 30, 1951: Dean and President unavailable


Floyd Myrick


* April 7, 1951: Dean and President unavailable


J. Herbert King, Eldred Taylor, George H. Mouchett


* March 19, 1951: Dean and President unavailable


Antoine Elias


* December 1, 1950: Dean and President unavailable


Herman R. Barnett


* October 29, 1949: Pledge Master and President unavailable


Frank Grego


* December, 1948: Specific date, Pledge Master and President unavailable


William L. Gymnn, Jr., James K. Little


* June, 1948: Specific date, Pledge Master and President unavailable


Charles Johnson, William Loving, Robert E. Baylous


* May 17, 1947: Pledge Master and President unavailable


Othello R. Ellis


* December 1, 1946: Pledge Master and President unavailable


Paul Gordon


June 21, 1946: Pledge Master - William Jones; president unavaiable


Spencer Hardy, James Gaither, Bernard Levin, William Rhetta, Hershel Wallace.


Theta's Historic Line 

On Friday, June 21, 1946, Brother Bernard Levin was initiated as the first non-Black member of Alpha Phi Alpha. He was pledged through Theta (Pledge Master's name was Brother William Jones) chapter at the University of Chicago along with four other gentlemen -- Brother Spencer Hardy, Brother James Gaither, Brother William Rhetta and Brother Hershel Wallace.

At the time, Brother Levin was a 22--year-old Chicago native, studying dentistry at the University of Illinois. His interest in Alpha had been sparked by one of his friends at DePaul University, as well as his belief that Alpha Phi Alpha engages in constructive community, national and international activity. In addition, he felt as though "the other fraternities had nothing to offer except social affairs." Thus, Alpha was the only logical choice for a fraternity.

It is interesting to note that a 1946 article in Ebony Magazine on Brother Levin provides several pictures of him and his line brothers performing various tasks for big brothers -- shining big brothers shoes, cleaning trophies won by Theta chapter, cleaning the front of the chapter house, getting 150 brothers signatures on a large cardboard "A," and being paddled. What may be more interesting is that Brother Levin's initiation takes place prior to 1952 when the word "Negro" was allegedly stricken from the Constitution for the final time.


* December 12, 1945: Pledge Master and President unavailable


Cornelius C. Parrish


* December, 1944: Specific date, Pledge Master and President unavailable


Carl Cherry, Harvey L. Echols


* December, 1943: Specific date, Pledge Master and President unavailable


Victor D. Lewis, Charles Minor


* April, 1942: Specific date, Pledge Master and President unavailable


Herman Campbell, Alfred Rudd, Edward Crute


April 9, 1939: Pledge Master - Thomas Woods, President unavailable

James Hall, Calvin Davis, Julian Moore, Jr., Frank Yerby, Rundy Morgan, Frank Banks, Robert Steptoe, Owen Washington, Robert Harrison

* March 1, 1938: Pledge Master and President unavailable


John H. Johnson, David Pitts


* November 30, 1937: Pledge Master and President unavailable


Edward Williams, Clarence Robinson


* December 12, 1935: Pledge Master and President unavailable


Vernon Williams


*Brothers initiated into or active with Theta Chapter from 1911-1939 -- Specific initiation dates unknown

William L. Dawson, Paul V. Crosswaith, Julian Lewis, W.V. Garrett, H. Binga Desmond, Lloyd A. Hall, Aaron Day, Anthony Wayne Brooks, W.H. Sheridan, Edwin Chestnut, Robert N. Arthurton,  J.V. Jordan, A.H. Stuth, R.H. Gilliam, Lincoln Norwood, H.L. Bell, Charles A. Preer, Homer Cooper, James F. Lawson, Kelly Miller, Rev. G. Bryant, C.H. Payne, Ernest E. Cole, Edward Morris, Robert Church, D.N.  Crosthwalt, Jr., Bindley C. Cyrus, Martin G. Haines, Samuel H. Rosenburgh, W.H. Benson, William J. Powell, L.P. Chappelle, S.H. Milton, Sumner T. Bohee, Herman Brown, C. Blythe Andrews, Cornelius Alexander, L. Berry, George Chappelle, James Curry, E.A. Dixon, Ernest B. Given, A.N. Gordon, W.E Gordon, Richard Harwood, Howard Ingram, Silas Jones, Judge Jones, Chauncey Jones, Peter Jordan, Charles Lane, Frederick Robb, C.M. Turlington, Alexander Whitfield, Joseph Walker, Robert Reeves, Leon W. Headon, Nathan K. McGill, H. Reginald Smith, Marcus Mahone, Dr. W.B. Anthony, Russell Brown, Leonidas H. Berry, T.W. Boyd, George Chapman, Thomas Clarke, James A. Curry, R.A. Dixon, J.A. French, Benjamin Grant, Ernest Green, W.B. Gordon, A.N. Gordon, Vernon S. Gordon, Leon S. Headen, Louis Hickman, Troy V. Hickman, Leonard Jewell, C.D. Jones, Peter T. Jordon, Lorenze Lapinski, Tatnal M. Lofton, Booker T. McGraw, Addison Moseley, Hubert L. Reeves, O.C. Singleton, George Shropshear, Fred Span, Theodore Tivis, Joseph Walker, Alexander Whitfield, W.J. Zeigler, Sydney A. Jones, Sydney P. Jones, Oscar C. Brown, A.J. Carey, Leon A. Tancil, A.L. Foster, Nelson G. Glover, Lewis Johnson, Howard B. Shepard, Carrie Plummer, Herbert A. Turner, Jerry Frazier, Eugene Woods, Nelson Woodley, Everett Harris, Charles Johnson, William Childs, A.B. Sweet, A.N. Gordon, Jr., Barefield Gordon, Chauncey Jones, Benjamin A. Grant, Truman Kella Gibson, William H. Hayes, B.J. Fauntleroy, Oscar Randall, A.C. McCoy, Addison Mosley, Leonard Ball, William Anthony, Thomas Clarke, Albert B. George, Nelson Woodley, Lewis Caldwell, Hudson Wallace, George Dennison, Clarence Robinson, Thomas Woods, Noble Sissell, Park Tancil, Earl Renfro, Euclid Taylor, Lloyd Gaines, David Nelson Crosthwait, Reuben McCullough


and Honorary Theta Brothers

Dr. George Cleveland Hall , Alexander L. Jackson, Dr. Ulysses Grant Dailey, Jesse Binga


February 21, 1910 -- The Charter Line (Theta's Founders)


Dr. Thomas Boger, Sr., Dr. Alexander C. Browne, Dr. Arvelle Cole,

Dr. Samuel Lecount Cook, Dr. Gordon Jackson, Dr. Henry Howard Towles


* -- Denotes that line information may not be complete

** -- Denotes members of my fraternal family

Names in purple denote members of Omega Chapter, the chapter reserved for deceased brothers. May all our dearly departed brothers rest in eternal peace.

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